2024 Trend Alert: Would You Rock the Koroba Braids for a Stylish Look?

 The hairstyle that has been trending for the past 3 months is the "Koroba braids".


The Koroba braids dates way back to the ancient Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.

According to the Yoruba tribe, koroba means basket, the main hairstyle looks like a basket but an inverted one with each braid strand rolled up in a swirl.

Though the Koroba braids has made a bold come back but with style this is because the hairstyle has inspired beautiful ladies around the world to be creative with it. For instance, box braids with individual braids strands swirled up, Fulani braids swirl etc

They also decorate the hairstyle with rings, cowries or any kind of hair jewelry.

Best-Koroba-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Ladies-in-2024-Kaybee-Fashion-Styles-11 Best-Koroba-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Ladies-in-2024-Kaybee-Fashion-Styles-9 Best-Koroba-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Ladies-in-2024-Kaybee-Fashion-Styles-7 Koroba-braids-with-pearls-hair-by-doraere Koroba-Hairstyle Best-Koroba-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Ladies-in-2024-Kaybee-Fashion-Styles Best-Koroba-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Ladies-in-2024-Kaybee-Fashion-Styles-6

Now, would you rock the Koroba braids or not?

Personally, I feel I can rock the hairstyle for a photoshoot or event but I can't rock it as an everyday hairstyle.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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