How To Make Herbal Spray For Natural Hair

 Hello Beauties!

It's been a minute, today we will be focusing on a D.I.Y herbal spray for natural hair. I have already talked about the benefits of each herb I used but I still stated them below to refresh your memory. Just imagine combining all these benefits and then applying them on your hair, oh goodness!e67e3babea615875331c63173600c3f2

There are two important things I want you to note;

  • Please do a patch test before applying this herbal spray.

  • If you are consistent with applying this herbal spray, I promise you will see results.

 Benefits of fenugreek to natural hair 

- It promotes hair growth. 

-It's protein content helps in fighting baldness/hairloss

-It prevents premature greying.

-It strengthens the hair follicles and roots. 

-It conditions the hair. 

- It promotes a shiny and thick hair. 

-It fights against scalp issues such as dandruff, itchy scalp,dry scalp etc. 

-It treats thinning hair read more

Benefits of Rosemary to natural hair 

It contains anti inflammatory properties.

-It stimulates hair growth by improving the circulation of blood.

-It prevents dandruff and premature graying.

-It helps dry and itchy scalp read more

Benefits of Cloves 

- Cloves strengthen and promotes hair growth because of its high nutrient and antioxidant contents.

- Clove protects the scalp from dandruff and reduces itching because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

- Clove helps in thickening the hair.

 - It reduces hair fall.

- It also prevents the greying of hair due to its antioxidants.

- It promotes the natural hair shine.

read more

Herbal hair spray


1 tbsp fenugreek

1 tbsp rosemary leaves

1 tbsp cloves

2 cups of water

Essential oil


  • In to a small pot add the fenugreek, rosemary leaves, cloves and water

  • Bring to a gentle simmer (on low heat) for 20-30 minutes

  • After the time, turn off the heat and allow the herbal mixture infuse while it cools down.

  • Once the herbal mixture is cool, strain the liquid from the herb and get rid of the herb.

  • Into your herbal liquid add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice.

  • Shake the herbal liquid to mix well.

  • Pour the herbal liquid into a spray bottle.


  • Shake the herbal liquid

  • Spray on to your hair and scalp

  • Massage it in

  • You can cover your hair up for a few minutes or hours to help penetration, though this step is optional.


  • This herbal mixture can be applied daily or 3 times a week.

  • Store the herbal mixture in a fridge for prolonged shelf life.


Do not be afraid to adjust the ingredients to suit your hair.

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