Interview with Manna, a hairstylist. Pt.1

This is an interview with a young hairstylist, she gave us hints on how she runs her business and how to care for our hair. And did I forget to mention she is very talented. See for yourself.
Manna  Motunrayo

1. What is your name?
- Manna Motunrayo 
2. How old are you?
- 20 years old 
3. You are a hairstylist right?
4. How old were you when you started styling hair?
-8 Years old 
5. Were you ever taught how to style hair?
6. Are you self employed?
7. If you are self employed, are you planning on employing any one?
- I have employees in my salon.
8. When did you decide to turn your skill into a business and how long have you been running the business?
- 6 years
9. Is styling of hair the only skill you got?,  if no,  indicate the other skills.
-No, I'm a makeup artist, painter and a fashion designer. 

 10. Your other skills do you do it as a business?
- Yes
11. How early do you rise to prepare for the day's business?
- 7:00am
12. How do you build personal relationship with your client to ensure their return visit?
- I treat them like human beings and not just a source of money for example referring to every single client of mine by their name instead of the hairstyle they want to do. 
13. How would you consult a client in adopting a new hairstyle?
- The client is ALWAYS  right but I inform them the pros and cons of any hairstyle chosen whether or not it aligns with their hair type, texture or if it's gonna cause more damage than good and it's up to them to have the sole decision of what they want me to do. 

Her work

14. Has a client ever been dissatisfied with your work?,  and how did you approach it?
- Yes,  in my years of work I've had a few cases and although I don't do refunds, they have a 48hour grace period to fix or redo their dissatisfaction. 
15. How do you keep updated on the latest hair trend?

- I know how to do everything because it naturally comes to me and also adding to the fact of being an African woman and knowing hairstyles waaayy before they become "trendy" is an advantage for me. 
16. I heard hairstylist in USA make alot of money /profit is this true?
- It depends on your level of certification,  experience, environment, customer service and most importantly quality of service. 
17. What treatment would you recommend for a damaged or frizzy hair?
- Products used is dependent on the client hair type , texture and porosity. Oil the scalp and condition the hair because the products for the scalp and hair strands are totally different. 
18. What texture of hair do you enjoy doing the most?
Hair is Hair. I love doing HAIR. 
19. What hairstyle do you think helps to retain your hair lengths/helps the hair grow ?
- Protective styles that don't require over manipulation. 
20. How often is protein treatment meant to be done on the hair?
-  Depending on how damaged the hair is, I would say once a month or once in 3months because the over use of protein can do more harm than good by drying out the hair. 
21. Do you think we are meant to deep condition our hair every wash day?
- It depends on how damaged the hair is. I would say.................. Stay tuned for part 2YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE SAID NEXT? CHECK OUT MY NEXT POST :)

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