Interview with Manna, a hairstylist Pt.2

Manna Motunrayo

21. Do you think we are meant to deep condition our hair every wash day?
- It depends on how damaged the hair is. I would say.
22. Is it preferable to smoothen and comb the attachment rather than using it like that?
- It's preferable to the hairstylist and pleasurable to the client when the hair is detangle to prevent breakage everytime it's parted. 
23. How are we meant to care for our hair when it is in a protective style?
- Take care of your scalp, wash, condition and dry when needed. 

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24. What do your clients complain most about their hair and how do you go about it?
- Hair loss or how to retain hair. Going natural is the way. Most of the people who complain have perms and chemicals in their hair so I advise them to keep it in protective styles while they treat their hair break off naturally or get a trim once in a while or just a big chop and then sticking to one hairstylist and one regime. 
25. Do you do DIY treatments for your clients?
- I have natural oils from Africa because most oils in the market are not purely natural even if it states that it's 100%, the un-prounceable ingredients state otherwise.
26. What do you think we are doing to our hair that is preventing it from growing?
-  Over manipulation, using too much products, switching hairstylist. Just doing too much. Our hair might be coarse in texture but it's the most fragile hair texture which needs to be handled with the utmost respect and care. 
27. Can you recommend any fastest way to grow our hair?
- Every scalp is different, hair growth and texture is dependent and mostly reliant on genes. Consistency is a major tool that's underrated. 

28. What hair products could you recommend to a naturalist?
-  It depends on hair type, texture and porosity. All naturals are not the same. 
29. In treating our hair and scalp which part should we pay more attention to, is it the scalp or hair?
- Both
30. Could you recommend good hair growth oils?

- Tea tree oil,  coconut oil, argan,jojoba,castor,black seed, avocado, carrot oils etc. It's dependent on the clients problem. 

Busy Manna as a fashion designer

31. Which do you prefer, finger detangling or combing?
- Combing. Never dry, either wet or conditioned but never detangle dry hair. 
32. How long do you recommend carrying our protective styles?
- Your choice. 
33. Does constant protective styling stress the hair/scalp?
- No,  not when your hairstylist know what they're doing. 
34. Do you work through out the week?
- I work everyday except Sundays. 

35. Do you normally go home late?
- Yes, just depends on how my schedule looks like for the day. 
36. Do you normally have time for your self?
- Not really.  Sundays are only days off. 
37. How do you charge your clients, are you expensive or affordable?
- Depends on what my client wants. Ranges from as little as $20 all the way to $1000 just depends on what they want. 
38. Does a client have to book for a service?
- Yes,  Walk in are also welcomed but majority of my clients book appointments. 
39. At any point in your business have you ever felt like giving up,  frustrated?
- No,  I'm passionate about what I do. It's therapeutic for me.  The single act of braiding itself and to help others feel good about their appearance. 
40. What/who is your driving force?
- My future 
41. What advice do you have for hairstylist who are beginner?

- Don't stop. Always be open to learn. 

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