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Mentioned below are tools and products needed for your natural hair journey. These is just a few of the things needed but with time, I'll be updating the list. 

Just try to get them if you don't have any yet.




1.CONDITIONER- This is very important but i hear a lot of people say its not important for natural hair because the hair is going to be deep conditioned. Don't listen to them. These conditioners are used immediately after shampooing it helps to soften and condition the hair. 

2.SHAMPOO-  This right here helps to get rid of every dirt, smell and build up. And at least once a month you will be needing a cleansing shampoo. 

3.LEAVE IN CONDITIONER  - this helps to keep the hair moisturized, especially when applied either using the LOC or LCO methods. A must have. 

4.DEEP CONDITIONER - You can DIY your deep conditioners, or simply buy a  chemical free one to use. YOU MUST DEEP CONDITION AFTER EVERY WASH!!. 

5.OILS- This are my favorite because there are lots of oils to choose from and I do have a hard time choosing, so instead I mix them all making my very own DIY scalp massage oil. There are some oils that might be good for you and others might not be. So it's important you check that out before using. I'm not saying you should buy all the oils at once but start buying the less expensive ones gradually, then with time you get your essential oils and every other oil.

6.BONNETS- You don't want to apply all those leave ins, oils etc just for your cotton pillow case or bed sheets to suck them, leaving  your hair dry and making all your hard work in vain. No, we don't want that.  Just simply get your self a bonnet and use it anytime you are going to bed.

7.SPRAY BOTTLE  - you definitely need this, but if you don't have one for now, just get an old plastic perfume container and use.  This is important in applying liquid to your hair, because you don't just want to pour the whole liquid on the hair; No, we are targeting a moist hair not a dripping wet hair. 

8.COMBS- this ranges, there is the wide tooth comb, tail comb, regular comb, Afro comb, brushes etc. You want to start buying them gradually so you have a good collection of combs. I said gradually because sometimes buying things all at once could drain the pocket . 

9.BUTTER- Why don't you have Shea butter or mango butter?, you need this to help your ends.  Get one for your self. 

So everything listed here are important, especially if you are new to the natural hair journey.

Important notice, you can buy all a things listed here at once if you have the capacity but if you don't, buying gradually is your best option. 

Do have a nice day and thank you for stopping by!!

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