How to regrow and maintain your edges

Your edges are those soft hair along your hairline, they are the most fragile hair on your head,  this means they need extra care when you wash, moisturize, deep condition and style your hair.
Healthy edges 

How to regrow and care for your edges

1. Limit the use of extension and styles that pulls your baby hair/edges. You can always tell your hairstylist not to touch your baby hairs.

2. Be careful with the use of headband and hats/caps etc,use headbands with satin lining, when using a hat/cap make sure there is a small satin scarf between your hair and the hat/cap. Also do the same with your wigs.
Satin lined cap

3. Use a satin/silk bonnet to protect your edges at night.
A silk bonnet 

4. Massage your edges with natural oils,  to help circulate the flow of blood thereby stimulating growth.

5. DON'T TOUCH YOUR EDGES,  get your hands off your edges girl!

6. Deep condition your edges regularly and when needed  to help strengthen them.

7. Moisturize your edges.

8. Eat right,  don't forget to add vitamins and minerals to your diet, your hair needs them.

9. Heat has the potential to fry your edges because they are fragile,prevent it.

10. Patience,  you need patience for those baby hairs to grow back,  if you follow the tips above, you would see results

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