In the today world of hairstyle, there is one particular hairstyle that can never go outdated, and that is braids. Instead it has been upgraded into different beautiful styles such as box braids, triangular braids, braids with knots etc

So here is the list of trendy braids.

1. Long boho curls braids

2. Bob boho curls braids.

3. Butterfly braids.

4. Knotless braids.

5. Knotless braids with curled ends.


1. Long boho curls braids;c3c4321c591f6fb4b06e828c51a1c911

These braids are among the trendy braids which became famous in 2019, and up tillShort date it is still trendy. This braids looks just like a regular box braids but with some curled strands sticking out. These curled strands are called boho curls, hence, the name boho curls braids.

2. Bob boho curls braids;


This is just like the regular Bob braids but this time with some boho curls. Bob boho curls braids is too classy.

3. Butterfly braids;


The butterfly braids is gotten from our very own butterfly locs but this time around it is a braid. It's appearance is like an untidy braids but trust me it doesn't look as it sounds. It is just too beautiful and everyone is wearing the style.

4. Knotless braids;


 These braids are gotten from our regular box braids but this time around without a knot. It is made by adding the attachment little by little until a desired thickness is achieved, just like how Ghana weaving is done.

This style is stylish.

5. Knotless braids with curled ends;


These braids are just like the regular knotless braids but with curled ends.

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