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Mean while here are some;


1. It promotes hair growth.

2. It locks in moisture.

3. It detangles the hair.

4. It reduces frizz.

5. It strengthen and conditions the hair.

6. It smooth natural hair curls

7. It treats the scalp.


Now that you have probably gone through the link I pasted above(if you didn't go through it, please do), we can proceed to aloe vera oil.

Video on how to make aloe vera oil

Yea, I know you would be wondering how an aloe vera can produce oil, please stop wondering. Basically, the aloe vera is made with the aid of a carrier/light oil e.g coconut oil or olive oil.

Aloe vera oil is made in such a way that the nutrients from the aloe vera is extracted into a carrier oil, and that's it.  

Aloe vera oil can be made in three different ways which I'll be explaining below.

The ingredients needed are just coconut or olive oil and fresh aloe vera leaf.


Aloe vera

Coconut oil

METHOD ONEPhoto-Grid-Plus-1623710096723

Step 1 

Wash your aloe vera leaves.

Step 2

Cut off the prickles by the side then chop the rest in to cubes.

Step 3

Pour your coconut oil into a clean pot then place the pot on a stove at a low heat.

Step 4

Put your cubed aloe vera into the oil and allow to cook.

Step 5

With time  the color of the aloe vera would change into a very dark green and it would also appear transparent, at this point the oil is okay.

Step 6

Remove the oil and allow to cool down.

Step 7

When the oil is cool enough, filter to separate the oil from the aloe vera residue.

Step 8

Store your oil in a clean jar with lid and that's all.

METHOD TWOPhoto-Grid-Plus-1623316200016

Repeat step 1 and step 2.

 Step 3

Put your coconut oil and aloe vera cubes in to a clean glass jar with lid.

Step 4 

Store in a dark, dry and cool place for three months.

Step 5

After two months, repeat step 7.

And that's all.

METHOD THREEPhoto-Grid-Plus-1623710150098

Repeat step 1.

Step 2

Scoop all the gel from the aloe vera leaf.

Step 3

Mesh the gel with a fork till it is semi liquid.

Step 4 

Mix the gel and the coconut oil, then pour mixture into a clean glass jar.

Step 5

Store in a dark, dry and cool place for one month.

Step 6

After a month, repeat step 7 and that's all.

Comparison of the three methods

Method one is faster to prepare.

Method two preparation is very slow.

Method three preparation is faster than method two but slower than method one.

Well, I think method two and three would contain more nutrients than method one because when the aloe vera gel is subjected to heat, some of the nutrients are lost, you don't get all the nutrients but if you can wait for 1-3 months for your aloe vera oil then go for method two and three. Or do all the methods, that would be smarter.


The aloe vera oil can be used for pre-poo or it can be massaged in to the scalp. 

 I hope you give this aloe vera oil a try.

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