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Ismile walks in

 In an old brown jump suit with an old book, shelve smell kinda cologne, choking from dust raised by fleeing birds from his unexpected entrance, he let out few coughs to clear his throat, the resounding coughs tell of how empty the hall was. 

Enjoying the lone quest and wishful thoughts of a world where many will smile not because he did the most, but because he cared, his fantasy was slapped back to reality from a distant rumbling familiar sounds...

 "Look who we have here! Cosyou my brother" exclaimed ismile.

Showing him around the cobwebs decorated Walls and the silver lining at the end of his mind,just at the entrance of imagination

Like Rams, Ismile and Cosyou locked horns together but this time not against each other but against hunger and academic challenges especially in children.


"How can we achieve all of these, I am still struggling with mine" came from a shaky voice of doubts, "our  pockets knows few old notes, our stomach speaks not of constant delicacy yet we want a free school and a free daily meal for street kids.

Let's put resources together,they suggested, Ismile merged with Cosyou and became ISMILECOSYOU .

There should be 'SMILE' somewhere let's find it.


ISMILECOSYOU: can anybody hear me!!

I want to feed street kids!I have hundred Naira,

if you have hundred Naira to spare, help me,

if you don't, can you tell your neighbor about us?.

Then, came trooping in train of beautiful people.

People: I have hundred Naira, I also have friends with hundred Naira, can we join you with "SMILE"



("Background sound: feeling by ladipoe")

Then boom!

ISMILECOSYOUSMILE visited Onitsha, from Onitsha to Owerri,over 500 smiles planted via food,scholarship, motivation and gbedu.

(Background song: see you again by Wiz khalifa)

Then, the once empty hall became too small for the members incoming,


some dropped the mantle and flew away like birds.., the came a short wind of break and moments of almost giving up but when the bush meat runs with tacts, hunters shots with tacts...

 Ismilecosyousmile painted the hall, expanded the walls and raised a new flag.


From Asaba, to Umuahia, to Rivers the surge keeps flowing with more voices joining the scream "I have hundred Naira to plant a smile, if you have hundred Naira, help us with it or join us to shout, I have hundred Naira.

Where is ismilebecauseyousmile going to??? Where is she coming from? Will she ever get there?


These are not questions... They are motivations, we answer with results, we involuntarily shouted for others to help, others shouted for others to help, others ran out of voice and dropped, while others whispered when they lost their voice.

Remember the Hall was there, collecting cobwebs before the shouts for help came, it will remain there when we all go.

The HALL is HUMANITY, what handwriting will you leave in the Hall?


Wow!, what a story!!

Ismilebecauseyousmile is a non governmental charity organization (NGO) in Nigeria that is on a mission to reach out to street kids and many more. You can visit their official website at Ismilebecauseyousmile website

for more information.

Meanwhile checkout the picture below.


Ismilebecauseyousmile is open for volunteering, sponsorship and partnership.

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