Hello lovelies,
How long does your washday lasts?, does it take hours?,or minutes?, or just 1second(is it even possible to wash your hair in 1 second?.)
Well, my washday lasts half a day if not more.
I'll be listing steps on  how my washday go.  Let's get right in to it.

1. Section : section your  hair into 6 or more sections and work section by section.

2. Untangle : I untangle every section,  you should either apply water or black tea to your hair  ( Black tea helps to reduce hair shedding e.g Lipton ) and then use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

3. After untangling, twist each section.

4. Wash your hair by applying the shampoo to your scalp not your hair  and using your fingers to massage and wash,  allow the lather from the scalp to wash the hair.

5. Rinse your hair with  clean water.

6. And T-shirt dry it,  I said t-shirt dry,  should I repeat it?,  T-shirt dry it,  don't use towel,  towel would pull your strands.

7. Apply your deep conditioner from section to section and also twisting each section back. When you are done,cover your hair with a plastic cap and   leave it in for the number of minutes instructed by the producer of the product.

8. When the minute elapse,  rinse it out thoroughly,  don't ever leave a deep conditioner in your hair without rinsing except instructed by the producer.

9. T-shirt dry.

10. For low porosity hair  use the LCO (liquid, cream and oil)  method while high porosity use the LOC (liquid oil and cream) method.
Work section by section your liquid should either be water or a liquid based leave in conditioner while your cream should be something like Shea butter or you can use your leave in conditioner as your cream, then your oil (any oil that works for you)
Apply the oil to your scalp , for the cream and liquid to your hair.
Go in this manner( using the LCO method) ,  take a section apply the liquid to your hair work it through, then apply your cream(dont forget your ends) and finally your oil to your scalp, massage and to your hair,  then twist

11. Let it dry.

12. Then do your protective style.

Don't forget to use your bonnet or satin bed sheets to keep those products in your hair.
A bonnet

How do your washday go,  let us know in the comment section and don't forget to STAY SAFE!

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