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Locs, hmm!
We have all seen locs or maybe heard about  it at least.  Some people are even planning on locking their hair. But Locking your hair should be something you  sit down, research and think about before going into.

Ennie's beautiful locs.

And  that is why I had an interview with my lovely cousin who gave  detailed answers to the questions. She explained her locs care routine and so on.

So without much talk let's get right into it.

1. Tell us about your self and what you do.

I am Ennie, owner of the start up - Ennie’s boutique which sells Ankara print outfits for women. Ennie’s boutique aims to inject colour and beautiful patterns into normal day to day outfits.

2. Why did you decide to LOC your hair?

Ennie locs journey

I reached a point where a change was required, I was tired of braiding my hair, I had tried weaves and didn’t like the fact that I was covering my natural hair . I wanted a hair style that allowed me to show my beautiful, thick African hair.

3. How old is your locs?

My locs are 7 years old. I began my locs in 2013. During that time, I have cut, dyed and styled them in different ways.

4. Can you  tell us your locs care routine? (both morning, night, weekly and monthly routine)

I tend to keep things pretty simple and I avoid using too many products. During a week I would oil my hair once using raw extra virgin (cold pressed) coconut oil - if I want it to also smell lovely, I would use my Jamaican mango and lime island oil with moringa seed oil and manuka honey.
Depending on whether it’s summer or winter time, I would spray my hair with a mixture of water and tea tree oil once or twice a week to keep it moisturised and clean.   I would also look through my hair to make sure that I don’t have fluff from my scarves, jumpers attached to my hair. I always have my hair wrapped up for bedtime.

My monthly routine is to use tea tree shampoo to wash my hair, at times (in addition to the tea tree shampoo)  I also use heads and shoulders shampoo to prevent any likelihood of dandruff. Post washing and ensuring that any shampoo used is thoroughly washed out of my hair, I would add a generous amount of coconut oil to my hair. At times, I would do a apple cider vinegar rinse  just to make sure that there is no build up in my hair, however this is not a regular thing as the process strips out a lot of oil from hair and can make it dry, so it’s important to moisturise your hair very well - after the process.

I should add that when it comes to locing my hair, I have never used bees wax, I only use ORS lock and twist gel.

5. What products do you love to use for your locs?

I love using 100% Australian tea tree oil, Jamaican mango and lime island oil with moringa seed oil and manuka honey, Tiana raw extra virgin (cold pressed) coconut oil, heads and shoulders shampoo and tea tree shampoo.

6. Is locs expensive to maintain?

I won’t say that it’s necessarily expensive to manage, it’s the same as any other hair style.
It depends on where you are based and on if you can easily get the help or products required to maintain your locs. It also depends on the type of locs  you go for. For example, sister locs are thinner in size compared to traditional locs and are more expensive to begin and maintain. Definitely do your homework before committing to locs!

7. How long (lengthwise)  is your locs? 

Taking into account that I did a big cut of my locs in October last year, my loc length is now 22.5 inches 

8. Do you have any advice for those trying to loc their hair?

Definitely do your research to know the type of loc that you want and on what it would cost you to maintain it.  Locs need maintenance and a routine. Think  about how you are like as a person. Are you someone that likes to change your  hair often?  Are you someone that would be  patient to see the process through?  

Be very careful with the products that you use for your locs, I tend to stick to oils for moisturing and avoid creams as it can cause build up in hair - which is a major NO NO!

Whether you do your locs yourself or go to the salon, ensure that your locs are not twisted too tightly and that you dry your locs as thoroughly as you can. Never wrap up wet locs as that encourages mould to grow in your locs. 

Final advice is to enjoy your loc journey, it’s such a versatile hairstyle, you can dye your locs, style it , braid it - it’s all up to you!. 

Hope most of your locs questions were answered here. She did a great job being as detailed as possible, so you can catch her on IG @ Ennieboutique
and checkout her products.

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