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Hmm!, Onions juice for natural hair, are you going to try this?,


Well, during my research on onions water, I discovered it contains a lot of benefits for the hair, and if you are looking forward to growing a healthy, shiny and voluminous hair, your answer should be yes from my previous question.

The only thing that might prevent you from trying this wonderful juice is the odour, but when you are after a popping, healthy natural gorgeous hair, I'm sure you won't worry about the odour.

So let's look at the benefits of onions juice  to natural hair.


1. It's sulphur content helps to:

•reduce breakage.

•reduce hair thinning.

•and regenerates the hair follicles.

2. It fights against premature greying.

3. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties helps to treat and prevent scalp infections.

4. It can be used for lice treatment and it would also prevent future infestation.

5. When used regularly, it treats dandruff.

6. It replenishes loss nutrients to the scalp.

7. It adds volume to the hair when used regularly.

8. It gives a natural shine to the hair.

9. It improves blood circulation on the scalp, thereby leading to hair growth.

How to prepare and apply the Onions juice.

- Get a bulb of onion, peel  and rinse it.

- Blend or grate the entire onion.

- Then use your hand or a sieve cloth to squeeze the juice out.

- Get a little cotton wool, place in the juice then use to dab on your scalp. Do this until you have covered your entire scalp.

- Apply the excess to your hair.

- Massage scalp for 10 minutes.

-cover hair and leave in from 15 minutes -1 hour.

-Wash hair with mild shampoo and condition.

This can be done once a week, twice in 2 weeks or once in 2 weeks, depending on how damaged your hair is.

Onions juice is very good for your hair.

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