Alot of people complain of their hair not growing, well, that's not true, everybody's hair grows (except you have medical issues), its just that you are not retaining your hair length.. You don't give attention to your hair tips/ends.

In as much as we need to pay attention to every part of our hair, the tips/ends and scalp needs the most attention and care.

The hair tips/ends are the oldest part of your hair, it can easily break off, form splits and become dry.


Once the ends breaks off you don't get to see your length; Or

 once your ends form splits, you have to take care of the splits or it begins to move upwards, damaging the hair.

You don't want those old guys (hair ends) to become dry.

Guides to retaining your hair length.

1. Treat the ends with care. Whenever you are trying to section your hair and there are tangles at your ends, take your time to separate those strands to prevent ripping them off when done forcefully.

2. Keep your ends moisturized. Its more like keep your hair moisturized especially your ends. You do this by damping the hair with clean water followed by a good leave in conditioner and then sealing in the moisture with a thick oil or Shea butter.

3. Trim. It is important to trim the ends once you notice it needs trimming, this is done to prevent split ends and strand knots. 

4. Tuck in your ends. Try as much as possible to do protective styles that have your ends hidden or tucked in, this would protect the ends from the Harsh environment

5. Whenever you want to comb your hair, make sure you begin combing from the ends and make your way to the roots of your hair, this helps you have control of all the knots or tangles that might form in the combing process.


When you put this 5 points to practice, there would be a visible change in your hair journey.

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