A conditioner is a product that is applied to the hair to soften, moisturize, condition and improve the manageability of the hair. Conditioners should help in reducing breakage while you comb through your strands.

A good conditioner should not leave your hair strands dry after applying. It is important to check the ingredients of a conditioner before purchasing it to ensure it doesn't contain any toxic chemical Toxic chemicals avoid in a product. The conditioners should contain ingredients such as; oils (coconut oil), silicones (dimethicone), emollient, lipids, humectants( glycerin), Protein(hydrolyzed proteins) etc  

Conditioners contains more of ingredients that protects the strands and less water (but remember, the conditioner  have to contain water).


Types of conditioners

1. Regular conditioners


These are used immediately after shampooing. They are left in the hair for at least 50seconds to 1 minute and then rinsed out.

  Deep conditioners 

These contains a lot of protein, they soften and add elasticity to the hair. They are mostly left in the hair for about 30-45 minutes before rinsing out. 

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Deep conditioners also boost the moisture content and protein content in the hair strands and as well strengthen the hair strands.

Moisturizing conditioners

These help to add and retain moisture in the the hair. Moisturizing conditioners 

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help to increase the hair elasticity , moisture content and reduces hair frizz which may cause tangles and breakage.

Protein conditioner

They help to strengthen the hair strands,

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improve the moisture content and temporary repair damaged hair. So the hair needs to be protein conditioned when necessary to keep providing  all the nutrients it requires

Leave-in conditioners

They are applied to the hair and left in, they are not rinsed out.

Now that you know your conditioners,  hope you won't joke with conditioning your hair again!

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