8 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing!

Have you ever felt like your hair is not growing?,  well the truth is that your hair is growing except you have a medical issue.
In most cases the hair is growing is just that the ends are breaking off.

Reasons your hair looks like its not growing. 

1.Lack of moisture
Because of the texture of our hair, moisture is very important and this texture won't allow the natural oils produced by our scalp to reach the ends,  we have to moisturize our hair.

2. You don't drink enough water
You have to moisturize from the inside, drinking enough water and eating your fruits and veggies would help your hair come out healthy.

3. Heat! Heat! Heat!
Too much heat on the hair makes it dry and brittle which leads to breakage. And if you must use heat apply some heat protective spray,  and use the cool to medium setting. Also don't forget the sun produces heat and if you stand in it for too long with your hair unprotected,  your hair gets the heat damage.

4.Your hands are always in your hair.
Over manipulation of your hair with either your hands, combs,  brushes etc can cause uneccessary breakage. So it is advisable to just put your hair in a protective style.

Hair growth cycles differ from person to person mainly due to genetics. One person’s cycle can have a growth phase of three years, while another has a growth phase of five years before it’s time for the hair to shed. So it may simply be that your growth stage is shorter than others, which makes it seem like your hair isn’t growing at all. But as long as you use the hair care tips above, your hair should grow fine at its own peak rate.

6.You need a trim

There times I tell people to trim their hair and they scream!, but you know it is one of the best things you can do to your hair,  because regular trim gets rid of split ends and damage that leads to breakage. You could trim every 3-4months but when your hair gets healthier, you could stretch the time to once in every 6months or year.

7.Massaging your scalp
When you massage your scalp,  it's helps in circulating the flow of blood round the scalp thereby increasing your hair growth.

8.Health issues
If you are doing all of the above,  but you still feel like your hair is not growing,  then there could be some underlying health issues that needs to be addressed. It could be anything from a vitamin or hormone deficiency to scalp issues. Seek medical assistance.

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