Rice Water?!, Secret For Rapid Hair Growth

Rice water is the starchy water left after rice is cooked or left to soak. It is thought to make the hair smooth and shiny,  as well as help it grow faster.

What are the minerals, nutrients or vitamins contained in rice water?
*Vitamin A, B, C and E
*Amino acid

Benefits of rice water
* It helps in detangling the hair
*It makes hair smoother
*It makes hair shiny
*It makes hair stronger
*It helps hair to grow longer.

Two methods of preparing rice water 
#Method 1
*Get a cup of rice

*Rinse it to remove all the dirt and impurities

*Put the rice in a plastic container or glass jar.
*Add enough water to the jar and cover it up

*Allow to sit for 12-24hrs.
*Drain the water from the rice after 12-24hrs and use

#Method 2
*Repeat step 1&2 in method 1
*Put the rice in a pot of water and allow to boil.

*Allow it to cool
*once cool pour the rice water in a jar

*Allow to sit for 12-24hrs.
*After 12-24hrs dilute with clean water and use

* After shampooing hair
*Rinse hair with rice water as many times as possible.
*Finally rinse hair thoroughly with clean water from the tap.
* And you are done.

Some people leave the rice water in their hair for 15-30minutes before rinsing out, I normally rinse my hair with clean water immediately after the rice rinse.
The nutrients of the rice water can't be removed from your hair  even after rinsing your hair with clean water

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