Knowing your hair type would really help you in your natural hair journey. There are 4 main hair types,  which are:

Type1 (straight) which is subdivided in to 1A, 1B, 1C.
Type2 (wavy) which is subdivided into 2A, 2B, 2C.
Type3(curly) which is subdivided into 3A, 3B, 3C
Type 4 (kinky) which is subdivided in to 4A,4B,4C.

I would be focusing on Type 4 hair
This hair is very fragile and it shrinks when wet.

Type 4A

This hair has a curl pattern almost like “s”, it has a naturally defined curl pattern, so it is good for wash and go. It retains moisture but also prone to dryness.
Care recommended for 4A
1. Use a sulfate free shampoo to cleanse hair followed by a moisturizing conditioner.
2. Deep condition bi-weekly.
3. Use light weight leave in conditioner.
4. Do protective styles with extensions.
5. Keep your hair moisturized.

Type 4B

This hair has a “z” pattern.  It has a more fluffy appearance. ecause of the curves and bends in the hair strand it is susceptible to dryness and breakage. It's shrinkage level is about 70% which makes it appear shorter.
Care recommended for 4B. 
1. After washing your hair apply moisturizing conditioner to restore hydration.
2. Use a protein conditioner if your hair feels weak or lacks elasticity.
3. Protein conditioner should be used only when needed.
4. Deep conditioner can be used once a week or when needed to prevent damage.
5. Use your wigs.

Type 4C

It look similar to 4B but tightly coiled. In its normal state i.e without products,it has no defined curl pattern. It's  curl has to defined by twisting, braiding etc. 4c is the master shrinker with a shrinking range of 70% and above. It is also very very fragile and breaks easily, so you need to handle with extra care.
Care recommended 4C
1. When washing your hair focus on your scalp
2. Use a sulfate free shampoo and follow with a creamy moisturizing conditioner.
3. Use a widetooth comb to detangle.
4. Moisturize and condition hair regularly to prevent dull appearance.
5. Deep conditioners can be utilized once a week or as often as needed.
6. 4C hair loves creamy butter, moisturizing products and natural oils.
7. Wearing protective styles is recommended.

Note: A person may have more than one hair type on their head, for example having 4a/4b hair. 

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