Natural Hair Terms To Memorize!!

-Scalp: the part of the head where hair grows from.

-Ends: this is the tip of your hair.

- Hair shaft: this is the hair that can be seen above your scalp.

- Split ends: this is the splitting of the hair shaft, it's bad.

- Protective styles: this are hairdos (braids, cornrows etc) that keep your ends tucked in.

- Wash day: The day you wash your hair.

- Sections: this is parting the hair into different parts.

- Moisturized hair: this are hair that is not dry and it soft to touch.

- Protein treatment: this are treatments that are done to prevent damage hair and make it stronger it should be done every 4-6wks.

-Deep conditioning: this are treatments that are done to restore or maintain the strength of hair strand , so that it would be able to withstand day to day stress. It is done every wash day.

- Hair Regime: a routine or procedures of how you take care of your hair.

- Massage: to massage the scalp with your finger tips.

- Cowash: this is a process of using conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo.

-Prepoo: this is the treatment you apply to your hair before shampooing.

-Trimming: this is the cutting of the tip of the hair ends (a little part) to prevent split ends.

- Finger detangle: this is the process of detangling the hair with your fingers, literally your hand serves as a comb.

- Air dry: allowing natural air to dry your hair.

- Hair porosity - this is the extent to which your hair can maintain moisture.

-Transitioning: this is growing up your natural hair and allowing the relaxed hair to just fall off.

-Bigchop: this is the process of cutting/barbing your hair for fresh natural hair to grow.

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