Hello handsomes,
 Do you know your hair is the first thing that drags people attention when they look at you?.

Ladies aren't the only ones that have to care for their hair, men too and  infact most ladies love guys who take care of their hair.

Today I'll be giving you tips on how to  take care of your hair,  well it's clear that some men  pleat their hair, some keep locks, some keep Afro and majority keep low cut.

Anyways, whatever category you fall in, you may want to follow my hair care tips for you.


1. Try to stop using soap to wash your hair.
In fact just stop using soap to wash your hair.PERIOD.

2. Use shampoo to wash your hair and if you must use shampoo, limit your hair washing to twice a week.

3. Use a rinse out conditioner after every wash to keep your hair moisturized.

4.Appling a little oil ( almond, coconut etc oil) directly to your scalp everyday can go a long way.

5. Choose a low maintenance style,  it all depends on your choice whether to keep braids, locks, waves whatever, just make sure it doesn't make you late for work.

6. Choose the right hair care products,  and unfortunately  most products found in our local stores are not for our own hair type and majority  are greasy hair products which  at times attract dust, and makes the hair dry.
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7. If you must use the hair grease, hair spray or hair wax,  use a little amount because to much may make your hair heavy and somehow.

8. Cut down on the chemical ( hair dyes), tight caps/hat,  tight braids etc this may be destroying your hair slowly and before you realize, you are already bald.

9. You  can explore the world of natural hair DIY treatments e.g egg hair mask, avocado hair mask etc.

10. Don't forget to sleep with your durag or silk/satin bonnets, this helps to prevent your cotton pillow case or bed sheets from absorbing all those good products you put in your hair. If those products are absorbed your hair becomes brittle and breaks off.

11. Stay healthy
 Your hair health is the reflection of your
 lifestyle, drink enough water, exercise and  get enough sleep.

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