Alot of naturals complain about dry hair. Alright,  our scalp produces sebum which does not slide down the hair shaft but instead sits on the scalp and building up while some people don't produce enough sebum,  since our sebum can't moisturize our hair, we have to create a good moisturizing regime for our dry hair.

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1. Use water and water based products or products that water is the 1st or 2nd  ingredients to moisturize your hair.

2. Prepoo: an example of prepoo is hot oil treatment.
Get oils that are light and are easy to penetrate the hair shaft e.g olive oil, coconut oil or grape seed oil. Put boiling water in to a Stainless Steel bowl measure enough of those oil, put in an applicator bottle and put the bottle in the hot water. Leave it in for 5-8 minutes. Then remove if it's too hot, allow to cool for some seconds before applying to each section of your hair. When you are done applying, cover hair and allow to sit overnight then wash hair.

3. Stop shampooing your hair everyday,  that's part of what's making it dry. At least if you must shampoo it should be once a week and if you have extremely dry hair, you should try to prevent shampooing every week atleast twice or once a month is good.

4. Always use a sealant such as butters or heavy oil. whenever you moisturize your hair.
You can find out which of this methods
LCO - liquid, cream and oil.
LOC- liquid( water or water based products) , oil and cream
 works well for your hair. This methods is the layering of products on your hair to keep moisture.

5. Trim when needed. Read Benefits of trimming your natural hair

6. Avoid direct heat.

7. Deep condition  every wash day.

8. Try to protect your hair from harsh weather (sun) .

9. Get your hands off your hair, if you manipulate your hair  too much you are going to be stressing it out,  so leave it alone!!

10. Sleep with a satin bonnet /scarf, this is not an option period!.

If you have diligently followed every tip above and still nothing then you need to check this out:

1. Do you know your hair porosity?, knowing your porosity goes a long way in your hair journey. Read How to know your hair porosity

2. Check your products, there is one that is stripping your hair of its moisture.

3. Do you have a good daily moisturizing regimen /routine?.

4. Please stop skipping deep conditioning.

5. Are you balancing the protein and moisture in your hair?.read Balancing protein and moisture in your hair

6. Breakage causes dryness and vise versa, so learn to detangle your hair properly.

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