Hello, lovelies 

Its day 6!

Everybody wants their hair to just grow fast and healthy. But it can't really do that on its own, if you are not taking proper care of it.

Things that affects your hair growth.

1.What we eat or drink can affect our hair growth so its advisable to eat healthy and stay hydrated.

2. The products we apply might either help or destroy the hair, so its best you use organic natural hair product with less or no chemical.

3. You are not taking your vitamins. Vitamins for hair growth can be found in some certain food,fruits or vegetables or it can be consumed as pills.

4. You are doing to much to your hair, what I mean is that, you either  style your hair everyday, or wash your hair everyday or you are always pulling your hair strands subconsciously.  STOP IT! LEAVE THE HAIR ALONE!

If you can't leave the hair,then put it in a protective style and if protecting styling doesn't work for you, tie your hair with a satin scarf  while its in a protective style , whether you are going to bed or not.

I hope the tips above helps you, and so to day you would be doing exactly this NATURAL HAIR CHALLENGE:DAY4

on your hair.

Have a nice day!

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