Have you heard about cinnamon?, or if its good for the hair?,. If no, keep reading and if yes, also keep reading :-) .


Cinnamon is a spice gotten from the inner bark of a cinnamon tree. Its bark and leaves are used for different purposes.

When the cinnamon bark is peeled, it is then rolled into sticks, and the sticks are grounded to form the cinnamon powder.

While the leaves are used to make the cinnamon oil.

 There are many cinnamon varieties but the ones that are common and used for commercial purposes are Cassie cinnamon and Ceylon Cinnamon.

Its been discovered that cinnamon benefits the skin, hair and health, apart from its medicinal benefits. But I'll be focusing on its benefits for hair.

 Cinnamon powder contains vitamins( A,C,E,K,   folates, niacin etc), sodium, potassium, protein, minerals, etc they all nourish the hair.


1. It nourishes the scalp and hair follicles deeply.

2. It cleanse the hair deeply by removing build up and dead cells from the scalp.

3. It increases the rate of hair growth because of its stimulating properties.

4. It helps in regenerating the hair because of its antioxidant.

5. It fight against dandruff.

6.Its encourages the circulation of blood which in turn promotes hair growth.

7. It restores the hair natural shine.

So with this article,it should be clear that cinnamon is good for the hair.

Next post would be some DIY Cinnamon hair treatment. Stay tuned.

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