Over the years I had struggled to grow a healthy hair, but I started seeing results after I started using products I've never used before and doing treatments I've never done before.


The happy me kept using that particular product and doing that particular treatment until my hair started rejecting them all. My hair became sticky and its growth stunted.

But in 2020, I took advantage of the lockdown to study more about natural hair and part of the knowledge I acquired taught me to try new hair products and do treatments when needed and not when I want to apply the treatments.

Below are the few things i learnt about natural hair which you can follow to grow a healthy hair without stress.

1. Don't leave your hair loosed for too long.

2. Keep your hair in a protective style that is not tight and doesn't cause any damage.

3. Stop styling your hair everyday or every week.

4. Keep your hair moisturized.

5. Never go to bed without a bonnet.

6. Stop applying too much products on your hair at once.

7. Finger detangle your hair before combing, and also start combing from tips to root.

8. Always seal in moisture with a sealant (butters or thick oil).

9. Get your hands off your hair, stop pulling your hair strands, stop playing with your hair!!

10. Always deep condition after every wash, and its more better when you do it with heat.

11. Scalp massaging would go a long way(at least 3-5 times a week).

12. Keep your scalp moisturized with any oil of your choice.

13. Stop washing your hair everyday!!

14. Stay away from environmental or physical elements (wind, sun,dust etc) that might cause harm to your hair.

15. Wearing your wigs  (make sure you take good care of your hair under the wig) and scarfs protects your hair from environmental or physical elements.

16.  Try your best to keep your hair from shrinking by twisting or braiding it after washing or taking off a protective style.

17. Don't do anything on your hair when it is dry, except you want to moisturize it.

18. Stick to an hairstylist that cares for your hair as he/she is styling it.

Not the one that cares about the style and neglects your hair.

19. You can't go wrong with herbal rinses and DIY treatments.

20. Cleansing your scalp at least once a month would go a long way.

21. Be patient with your hair.

I bet you, if you carefully follow all the tips above, you would come sliding in to my email to testify ;-).

Do have a nice day!!

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