Hey lovelies,

Thanks once again for being a part of Nemahairs journey.

So there's this project Nemahairs have been working on, actually there are two projects, but just one would be talked about today!!


The purpose of Nemahairs is to help you achieve your natural hair goals with ease and also help pop up your hair styles with beautiful and fashionable handmade hair accessories & hair wears.

So, we officially introduce to you NEMAHAIR WEARS!!

Nemahair wears, provides your hair with comfort, protection, style and beauty!!

Below are the list of NEMAHAIR WEARS.

• Scrunchies

• Bonnets

• Durags

• Hairbands

• Head wraps.

• Scrunchies


These are colorful hair accessories used to hold the hair in a ponytail or bun. It can also be worn on the wrist for some fancy look.

Nema Scrunchy is good for your hair because:

*  It is made out of fabric materials that does not pull or cause any unnecessary tension or harm to the scalp or hair.

*  It holds the hair firmly together.

*  It comes in different colors,fabric,styles and sizes.

*  It is sold in singles or sets.

• Bonnets

Nema bonnets are made out of satin and silk fabric.

 It helps to protect the hair anytime it's worn.


 It comes in different styles, color, size and even sets.


• Durags


 Durags are so swaggy , Nema produces fashionable durags and durags that helps protect your hair & helps with that popping spot waves i.e our durags could be made out of velvet, satin, silk etc whatever you place an order for, would be yours.

• Hairbands


We are starting off with our simple, classy and elegant hair bands. They would be sold in different styles, colors, designs etc. They are made out of good fabrics.

• Head wraps


 Nemahairs brings to you the most beautiful head wraps of all time!. They would be sold in different color, sizes, prints or plain etc.

You get to place an order on the ones that are satin lined and those that are not. The choice is yours.

When the sales will begin, would be announced at the end of this week, stay tuned.

I'm so excited about this, please for more info about our NEMAHAIR WEARS , email at fojone6910. foa@gmail.com.

Or reach us on our instagram handle @ nemahairs.

Do have a blessed day!!

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