Welcome back to Nemahairs!!

This is another series of hairstyles but not just any regular hairstyle, this particular hairstyle is new.

As usual , the hairstyle was a mistake, but it turned out to be beautiful. And now it is trendy.

This new hairstyle is called BUTTERFLY BRAIDS or JUNGLE BRAIDS.

The hairstyle is named after the legendary butterfly locs, if you are familiar with the butterfly locs, you would know that it appears untidy and that's what makes it unque and beautiful. The butterfly braids also appears the same way.

The butterfly braids can be worn as  knotless, Bob,cornrows, with knot, jumbo etc.

This new hairstyle is eye catching, and I am even considering wearing it one day. 

Meanwhile get a look at the hairstyle below.

IMG-20210309-160630-019 IMG-20210309-160736-408 IMG-20210309-160318-347 IMG-20210309-160337-226 IMG-20210309-160425-910 IMG-20210309-160605-721 IMG-20210309-160544-449 IMG-20210309-160259-674 IMG-20210309-160441-311 IMG-20210309-160513-675 IMG-20210309-160402-631 IMG-20210309-160657-017 IMG-20210309-160720-889

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